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Almonte is a peaceful and attractive community of 4,600 people, located 50 kilometres from Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Once a thriving textiles centre—known in it’s heyday as “North America’s Manchester”—ALMONTE is now primarily a commuter town, with the majority of our citizens working in the city.

Almonte straddles the banks of Canada’s Mississippi River, which flows east until it empties into the Ottawa River. The Mississippi drops 65 feet as it passes through Almonte in a series of dramatic waterfalls and rapids; this powerful torrent was what first attracted millers and other industrialists to the area early in the 19th century.

Like the river, a strong current of community runs through the town, villages, hamlets and rural areas of the Town of Mississippi Mills. A diverse community of rural and small town interests covering over 500 square kilometres of land within Lanark County just west of the City of Ottawa.

Mississippi Mills is an outstanding urban and rural community that is recognized for its natural and architectural beauty, high quality of life and respect for its heritage and environment.

Located on the western boundary of Ottawa, Lanark County is a geographically large and diverse region. To work and to live in Lanark County is to get the best of both worlds. Our residents enjoy a superior quality of life, because they are surrounded by breathtaking natural vistas with world –class urban amenities only minutes away. The people of the region have access to all the amenities found in major centres. At the same time, they enjoy a simpler pace which has long since been lost to large urban centres.

Situated in the heart of beautiful Lanark County, on the banks of the scenic Mississippi River, Carleton Place has a special quality: perfectly blending the old with the new!

Conveniently located just outside the City of Ottawa, the Town offers a healthy, happy mix of small town living and the convenience of the city. You can take advantage of sightseeing, fishing and recreational activities, as well as enjoy a rich history of arts and culture.